Our friend @trephoto and his #adopted pup Zelda give their @foundmyanimal leash a strength test #tugofwar #foundmyanimal #rescuepups #brooklyn #dontshopadopt #madeintheusa

Our friend @trephoto and his #adopted pup Zelda give their @foundmyanimal leash a strength test #tugofwar #foundmyanimal #rescuepups #brooklyn #dontshopadopt #madeintheusa

Can’t Adopt? Foster!


This foster story came to us from the owner of Found My Animal, Bethany Obrecht. Do you have a story to share with our community? Get in touch at found@foundmyanimal.com. 

There couldn’t be a more obvious case of being in the right place at the right time. For three abandoned new born kittens, that meant in the yard next to Found My Animal owner, Bethany Obrecht’s home. When she heard the kittens crying for attention, Bethany waited to see if a mother cat would return before taking them in as fosters. Feeding three hungry mouths every two hours is definitely hard work, but these lucky kittens couldn’t have happened on a more suitable foster home. 

It is Found My Animals very mission to raise awareness about the crucial need for animal adoption. For some animal lovers, adopting a pet long term is just not a feasible option. However, if you find yourself wanting to help animals in need without taking on a life long commitment, fostering may be your answer. In an age when rescue organizations and animal shelters are at maximum capacity, they need all the help they can get. 
Becoming a foster parent is a great way to help shelters utilize their space and take in more needy animals. Equally as important, you will be helping your foster pet by providing them with a comfortable place to reside while waiting to be adopted. If temporarily fostering an animal is of interest to you, contact your local animal shelters to find out about their foster programs. Who knows, you may end up falling in love with your foster pet and giving them a forever home! 
For those of you who have fostered in the past, please share your stories with us by emailing found@foundmyanimal.com



Ruff Ruff Rescue Runners

We recently donated leashes to Ruff Ruff Rescue Runners, a new organization who is making a positive impact on shelter animals in their region. Ruff Ruff Rescue pairs local shelter dogs with volunteers who take the dogs out running or walking. The dogs get fresh air, exercise, socialization, and visibility to the public, all of which make them more adoptable. Co-founders Vicky and Crysti have found a unique way to combine their passions to help animals in need, and we applaud them for their efforts. 

Here are the stories of some of the dogs who have been helped through Ruff Ruff Rescue:



"Colt was surrendered to Pittie Me Rescue by a previous neighbor in October of 2012.  Colt’s rescue story begins when he was just four months of age.  His owner decided that he didn’t want him anymore and was going to shoot him.  Fortunately, he was rescued by another person who brought him home.  Colt is a big and strong guy so he lived outside rather than in the house.  The owner of the house has some health issues and is not very steady on her feet so Colt’s size and puppy energy became too much for her and she was concerned she might get knocked over or injured.  At about 8 months of age, the owner of the home that Colt was staying at decided to move out and could not take Colt with him so Pittie Me Rescue was contacted and asked to take him.  Colt now lives at the Pittie Me Rescue shelter where he eagerly awaits his forever family.  He is a big and very handsome boy that loves people, water, walks, and plays well with other dogs.”



Lady was brought into Pittie Me Rescue in May of 2013.  Her owner had left her in the backyard of the home he had just been evicted from.  It was three days before anyone came for her and by then she was starving and quickly scarfed down the hot dogs her rescuers brought her. The rescuers were able to get in contact with her owner but he was not interested in taking her back.  Thankfully, one of her rescuers, who already had a full house with three personal dogs, two foster dogs, and two cats decided to take her in until she found her forever family.  It turns out, Lady is one smart girl!  She knows how to sit, shake with both paws, and fetch.  She is currently waiting for a family that is ready to receive all the love she has to give. “



Gorda, now fondly known as Georgia, gave birth to her last litter of pups under a dilapidated shack on an abandoned, chained-up lot. We don’t know how many pups she gave birth to, but by the time we found her, there were only 2 left.  Georgia had an “owner”, but he refused to shut his gate, get Georgia fixed, or provide her with any type of care. He only kept her around because his “grandkids liked her”. Apparently, when it was time for Georgia to have her pups, she wandered across the street to do so. She would wander back across the street at night to eat dinner. Thankfully, the old man allowed us to take Georgia to the rescue to nurse her babies in peace. We promised to return her, spayed, micro-chipped, and vaccinated when her babies were weaned.  When Georgia was ready to return home, the old man wouldn’t answer the door and his family members pretended not to know Georgia. Honestly, we were thankful that he didn’t want her back. She deserves to live in a home, where she is loved and cherished! Georgia is good with other active dogs, loves water and LOVES kids.”
Jack and Gordy’s Story

This adoption story came to us from our friend Dave Temple (@kewiki) Do you have a story to share with our community? Get in touch at found@foundmyanimal.com.

Jack came into our family in April 2007 from our local animal shelter. We call him our big cat. He is very quiet and a sensitive guy but absolutely loves sitting outside in the sun. 

Gordy joined us in August 2012 from a different animal shelter near us. We jokingly call him ‘Gordy the guardian’ as any little noise and he’s ready to defend his family. When he’s not playing miniature guard dog, he likes to cuddle with his human mom or big dog brother Jack. And he absolutely loves cooked carrots!”

Saving Lives One Leash at a Time

We sat down with We are JUXT and Dave Temple for an interview about Found My Animal. You can read it here, and be sure to follow Dave’s amazing photos on Instagram @kewiki.

Ella’s Stoy

This adoption story came to us from our friend Maggie Herrick. Do you have a story to share with our community? Get in touch at found@foundmyanimal.com.

"It started with a name, Ella: as in Fitzgerald. And then a breed; he wanted an English Bulldog, I wanted an Australian Shepherd. Not being able to decide, we searched the odd mix on Petfinder.com. We scrolled through the list of available dogs until we found our girl. The name she was given at the rescue was Wispa, and she was perfect. We contacted the Wynne Friends of Animals (WFOA) rescue in Arkansas where she was living. I spoke with the vet for over an hour to determine if we were a good match for each other. After hearing about the tumultuous life this young pup had already endured, being given away with her litter mates in a Walmart parking lot, and then surrendered to the rescue, we knew we had to give this little girl a forever home. Through a partnership between WFOA, A New Leash On Life animal rescue in Connecticut, and Animal Planet’s tv series “Last Chance Highway,” Ella and a slew of other rescue pets were driven out of the South, where dogs and cats are severely overpopulated, to loving families in the Northeast.

Fully grown, Ella does not resemble even an ounce of bulldog. Throughout her puppy stages we tried to pinpoint exactly what body parts and mannerisms could be attributed to the breed. Nowadays I think the only comparable quality she may have to a bulldog is that she likes to sleep, a lot. What we are sure of, however, is the fact that this is one of the happiest dogs alive. We often say, we think she knew we were saving her life that day we picked her up. Her devotion and loyalty are unmistakable to that of a best friend. Some of my favorite moments with Ella are when she doesn’t know I’m watching her play. Her confidence tells me that she knows she’s loved, which is something every pet deserves. I feel like a kid when I think about how I’d adopt ten dogs, if only I had the space. But then again, I probably would.”

Foster Dog NYC’s Park Slope Dog Dash

We’re constantly inspired by the way the animal community comes together. This weekend participants of Foster Dog NYC’s Park Slope Dog Dash raised over $2,000 for a program to provide long-term foster homes to elderly shelter dogs. Wow!

Looks like a great time was had by all. We donated some of our rescue leashes as prizes. We’re so honored to have been part of this event.

To learn more about Foster Dogs NYC and how you can foster a dog of your own, check out their website. We’re looking forward to more events like these that help bring animals into loving homes. 

Photos by Boprey Photography, courtesy of Foster Dogs NYC

Dean’s Story

This adoption story came to us from our friend Colleen Dean. Do you have a story to share with our community? Get in touch at found@foundmyanimal.com.

"‪I was a single mom with two kids who wanted to get a dog very badly. We went to Northpark mall the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 2003. I wanted to get a dog who really needed a family. Dean (fka) Rhett was at the front of the booth the Dallas SPCA had, greeting everyone with handshakes. They called him a VIP because he was such a good dog. ‬

He comes from west Texas, where herds of Red Heelers run free amongst the scrub and cacti. Our impression is that he was a true cattle dog but was scared from thunder or a gun and ran away from home. He found his way to Dallas and after a close scrutiny from the agency, into our home. 

Now he has two teenager buddies, gets his own soft furry beds, and we make him a den during storms. He is a true part of our family and we love each other unconditionally. He came trained and can shake, rollover, heel and do the “Hollywood” beg - the double beg up on his hind legs. 

He is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  And now that I’ve married a man named Dean, his name is Dean Dean. Ha.”

Help Oklahoma Pets in Need


Photo courtesy of the Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City

Rescue leashes are on their way to animals affected by the Oklahoma tornado. Both the Pet Food Pantry of Oklahoma City  and the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter are in need of supplies, donations, and volunteers to help pets of disaster victims and displaced animals. Now is the time for the animal rescue community to come together. Visit the websites of these organizations for more information on how you can help. 

Owen’s Story


This rescue story came from Troy and Katie, the couple behind Raven + Crow design studio in Brooklyn: 

"Katie—my life + business partner—and I just have a tendency to talk everything out to death. We had been discussing getting a dog for years, weighing out the pros + cons: would our cat be down with it; was our apartment big enough; would we want a run-on-the-beach kinda dog or a sit-in-my-lap-and-watch-rom-coms on TBS with me kind of dog—that kinda thing. Then this last New Years Eve, we went to a no-kill shelter in the East Village to see a dog we had heard about via Facebook and were just like ‘yes, him.’ Turns out he was found wandering around the Bronx and had been rescued from Animal Control’s kill list. Next day, we started off 2013 by picking up Owen and, suddenly, we had a gigantic (for us) dog in our lives.

I’m not going to say it’s been all magical rainbow-riding unicorns + sunshine ever since—turns out he wasn’t quite as old as we were told, so he’s going to get even BIGGER, and he wasn’t 100% house-trained when we got him—but he’s our boy and we’d never turn back. He’s gentle and kind and DOES get on fabulously with our cat after all. We can’t wait to run on the beach with him AND watch Pretty Woman next time it’s on TV. He’s the best. And he loves his new collar + leash. Best-dressed dog on the block. Which is saying a lot in our neighborhood.”

Read our interview with Raven + Crow